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The hybrid e-scooter with seat (since 2018, Cologne)

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E-Scooter mit Sitz & E-Bike ohne Pedale

STEEREON - Hybrid scooter

A new kind of mobility.

  • Hybrid of e-bike and e-scooter

    Experience the driving characteristics of an e-bike combined with the compactness of an e-scooter.

  • Made in Cologne

    Our vehicles are handmade in Cologne according to customer specifications. By manufacturing on site, we have a direct influence on a particularly high quality.

  • Driving standing or sitting

    With STEEREON you can ride standing up or sitting down, depending on the variant. No other vehicle combines both riding positions in such a balanced way.

The ideal e-scooter for camping

Your faithful companion when camping and on vacation. Be mobile everywhere and experience more of your surroundings.

  • Light weight & compact dimensions

    Suitable for any camper without carrying too much extra cargo. Also suitable for the bike rack.

  • High range & strong motor

    Even further day trips are easily feasible. On steep inclines, the powerful engine is always ready.

  • Transport options

    Whether it's to get a roll or to the beach, you'll always have your hands free for the ride thanks to optional transport options.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, STEEREON can be ideally combined with other means of transportation.

  • Transportation in the trunk & public transport

    Whether out of the trunk or (free of charge) on bus & train - the last mile is no longer a hurdle.

  • EU - Type Approval

    Depending on the variant, STEEREON can be ridden legally throughout the EU. The legal use of cycle paths and riding without a helmet is also possible with some of our variants.

  • Fast & cheap way to commute

    Thanks to the powerful engine, you are usually faster than any cyclist. Thanks to the manageable energy costs per 100 km of less than € 0.50, you are also significantly cheaper than with alternative motorized vehicles.

You cannot or are not allowed to ride a bike anymore due to health problems, but you still feel safe on a two-wheeler?

  • No pedaling necessary

    Unlike bicycles, STEEREON does not require the use of active muscle power. This means that the vehicles are also suitable for people who are no longer able or permitted to pedal due to health restrictions.

  • Low entry & low center of gravity

    Thanks to a low step-in (especially when getting on via the rear wheel) and a low center of gravity, even people with limited mobility can easily get into the riding position. The feet are very close to the ground, which gives a lot of security when stopping and easy descent.

  • Usable everywhere & inconspicuous

    STEEREON can be taken anywhere thanks to its compact dimensions and thus extends your mobility radius, especially as a mobility aid. Our hybrid scooters also look particularly attractive and don't look like an ordinary mobility aid.


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