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The hybrid e-scooter with seat (since 2018, Cologne)


Arrange a test drive near you

Experience enormous driving fun

Test a STEEREON near you free of charge and without obligation.

Safe and simple

Convince yourself of the particularly safe driving behavior.

Market-leading quality

Personally inspect the particularly high product quality.


      Book a test drive

      1. find a dealer near you

      Please use the map to find the appropriate dealers near you.


      Please send a request to the dealer. After that, you will arrange a date together. 

      3. meet on site and make a test drive

      If you like STEEREON as hoped, please order directly from the retailer. 

      Is a test drive even necessary?

      In short - not mandatory:

      Our vehicles are particularly easy and safe to ride. Anyone who is comfortable on a bicycle or two-wheeler will very quickly feel safe on our vehicles. Unlike a bicycle, however, you don't have to pedal on STEEREON . This means you are much closer to the ground, which in turn gives you additional safety. We only recommend a test ride to people who no longer feel confident riding a bicycle or two-wheeler. 

      Can you ride a bike or two-wheeler? Then you'll get to grips with a STEEREON very quickly.

      If you feel unsafe on a two-wheeler, STEEREON may still be an option for you. Due to its direct proximity to the ground and the associated lower center of gravity, the STEEREON gives some riders more confidence than an ordinary bike. In this case, we strongly recommend that you take a test ride. 

      Our vehicles are tested to the highest safety standards. Compared to conventional e-scooters, STEEREON has large wheels and a long wheelbase. This means you can ride the vehicle safely even on unpaved roads. Potholes and kerbs also pose no risk. 

      If you order the vehicle without prior test drive or instruction, this is not a problem. The enclosed quick start guide shows you step by step the most important actions and measures for a safe and easy start. Within five minutes you are ready to go. 

      Every Jeck is different - that's what we say in Cologne. Of course, not everyone will like our vehicle. However, since the proportion of happy customers is very high and returns are a foreign concept for us, we would like to take away your fear that you might not be satisfied with your STEEREON . Should this really be the case, you can cancel your vehicle at any time within the first fourteen days. We will then collect the vehicle and arrange everything else personally. But as already mentioned: We are sure that you will have a lot of fun with STEEREON !

      The special thing about STEEREON:
      Our vehicles ride as well and safely as a bicycle, but are as compact as a small e-scooter - the perfect hybrid!

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      SERVICE und PERSÖNLICHE BERATUNG werden bei uns großgeschrieben! Gerne rufen wir dich zu einem dir passenden Zeitpunkt zurück. Bitte beachte, dass der Rückruf nur während unserer Öffnungszeiten (Mo. – Fr. von 09:00 – 17:00 Uhr) möglich ist. 

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